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Kubota Antenna Farmer in Tabanan Opens Modern Agriculture Mindset

At kubota, we have a responsibility to share our knowledge on Agricultural Mechanization with all stakeholders. One of Kubota’s commitments is to provide education through Antenna Farmer or Demonstration Plot activities.

The current agricultural centralization is not only on the island of Java, currently other regions are also starting to optimize their areas as agricultural centers, especially rice. Bali is an example of another region where its agriculture is geographically focused on rice, secondary crops, vegetables and fruits.

With the existing agricultural potential, agricultural mechanization on the island of Bali, especially Tabanan, has not been so rapid. The agricultural process is still dominated by manual labor, most of which is imported from East Java, especially Banyuwangi. This condition is certainly starting to become an obstacle, especially for farmers during the plowing, planting, and harvesting seasons. Because most of them have to wait for manual labor to work according to the specified schedule. Another problem arises when farmers cannot wait too long to plow, plant and harvest as it will have a major impact on their business cycle.

Kubota in collaboration with the authorized dealer in Bali, CV Argo Jaya, then tried to provide agricultural mechanization education to open a modern agricultural mindset in the Tabanan area especially.

Antena Farmer’s activities include Plowing (Land Processing), Planting (Seedling & Rice Transplanting) and Harvesting with Kubota’s modern agricultural machinery. The Antenna Farmer was held in Kediri District, Tabanan Regency – Bali. The land area of the Antenna Farmer in Tabanan is 1,750 m2. With the agenda starting from February 20, 2021 to June 30, 2021.

  1. Land Processing / Plowing Process (Kubota L4018 Tractor & KRX 175 Rotary implement)
  2. Rice Planting Process (Rice Transplanter SPV6CMD)
  3. Rice Harvesting Process (Combine Harvester DC-35)

The results of the Kubota Farmer Antenna in Tabanan – Bali, had a positive impact on opening the mindset of farmers in the area to use agricultural mechanization in their agricultural processes. With the geographical conditions of farmland in the Tabanan area, farmers are very enthusiastic about the Kubota DC-35 rice harvester. Because it can answer the solution to the lack of manual laborer during the harvest season.

Kubota of course, will continue its commitment to improve farmers productivity not only in this area. But also other areas which has large potential to be developed

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