PT Kubota Machinery Indonesia


Kubota Machinery Indonesia (KMI) is committed to deliver quality warranty service and quality guarantee to all Kubota products it sold to further increase customers trust and ease-of-mind in regards to Kubota product quality.

Kubota Machinery Indonesia provides up to 1 year of warranty service.

Kubota Machinery Indonesia guarantees that all damages caused by material imperfections or production process issues will be replaced or repaired without any additional fees.

Below are rhings that are not covered by the warranty:

  • Breakage that is not caused by material imperfections or production process issues.
  • Breakage caused by improper maintenance, storage, and use.
  • Breakage caused by not performing regular scheduled maintenance as instructed in operator manual book
  • Breakage caused by accidents, engine overload, and improper operation of the equipment.
  • Breakage caused by modifications and repairs without prior notification from KMI or KMI authorized dealers.
  • Breakage caused by not utilizing Kubota genuine parts or oils and fuel outside of what specified in the operator manual book.
  • Breakage caused by incorrect use of implements (please refer to the operator manual for instructions and how to properly operate the implement).
  • Breakage caused by natural disasters such as Earthquake, flooding, fires, etc.
  • Normal wear and tear.

KMI has mechanics from its dealership spread across all of Indonesia. To better maximize KMI service coverage and minimize customer downtime.

KMI will always strive to ensure that our dealer mechanics has the right competency in order to provide the best possible after sales experience, from training, repair, routine maintenance education, and proper operation of equipment.

With professional service quality, KMI would like to ensure customers peace-of-mind regarding Kubota dealership mechanics while servicing the customers machineries.

Kubota Machinery Indonesia annually hold yearly training regiment for its dealer mechanics and technicians. KMI has several topics and levels that are matched with the competency level of our mechanics.

In this pressing time, KMI continues to train its mechanics online.

Kubota Machinery Indonesia held annual evaluation of its dealerships, to ensure the best-in class service quality for its customers.

Customer satisfaction is one of our main motivation of maximizing the quality of service from our mechanics. KMI will also ensure that the facilities, experts, and the dealership service experience is in-line of Kubota exacting standards.

Human Resources

Kubota also strives to fulfill customers after sales experience with considerations to its human resources, whether it’s off-site or on-site workers. The amount of personnel are adjusted with the total farm machinery population ratio across Indonesia in order to better fulfill the needs of its customers.


The best service has to be supported with the proper supporting facilities. Kubota provides its dealerships across Indonesia with maintenance facilities and proper supporting equipment to its standards.


KMI always prioritizes the relationship between customer and Kubota. After the warranty period ends, our staff will always schedule periodic visits to the customer to provide periodic checks and to communicate consumer feedbacks to keep providing service and related maintenance in-line with the customer needs.

Some of the activities KMI kept promoting are:

  • Season follow: Mechanics visits to customers location, whether it’s in harvest season or not, in order to ensure that the customers farm machineries are kept on prime condition.
  • Driving school: Training event for owners and operators regarding how to use and properly operate the agricultural machinery. Also includes information regarding daily maintenance in order to prolong current parts life and minimize sudden spending due to parts breakage.
  • Service camp: Coaching clinic in areas where service camp is held. Consumers can discuss about issues they encounter in the field. Normally this activities is held during harvest seasons in order to reduce the customers concern regarding parts breakage and the accessibility of servicemen.

Kubota e-learning is a web platform that hosts a collection of course content for self-paced online training.

Kubota e-learning is specially designed for authorized Kubota dealer mechanics as a learning media and increase mechanic knowledge about Kubota products. Dealer mechanics can choose course topics that suit their individual preference needs. KMI as Kubota’s principal in Indonesia always strives to provide support that can support the skills and knowledge of mechanics that are useful when providing services to consumers.

Kubota e-learning can be accessed via computer or smartphone as long as there is a network, so mechanics can learn anytime and anywhere. With this convenience, there is no longer anything preventing mechanics from growing their skills.

Kubota video tutorials is a video resource center for tutorials that are very useful for keeping Kubota engines in top condition. On this website, there are tutorials on how to operate Kubota products properly, how to perform proper routine maintenance and how to make a good rice nursery. Kubota video tutorials can be accessed through a tab on this website using a computer or smartphone.


Frequently Asked Question

Kubota has factories not only in Japan, but also in Thailand and China

Kubota has dealerships spread across Indonesia in order to quickly respond to its customer needs, Kubota also have several after sales activities such as free service, mechanic visits, customer gathering, driving school and service camp

Yes, you can use B-30 Biodiesel without any problems with Kubota farm machineries. Do note that some models require parts replacement before using the B-30. For further information, please contact your nearest Kubota authorized dealership.

The air intake filter should be cleaned every 50 hours or faster depending on the condition of the filter. Kubota products often has an indicator behind the filter to check for filter dust intensity, you should clean the filter when the indicator displays red.

Because there might be several metal shavings caused by manufacturing process left in the engine. This is incredibly common in diesel engines. If you replace the engine oil after the first 50 hours, you will be able to use the Kubota machinery better and with added peace-of-mind

To extend the lifetime of Kubota diesel engine, we recommend using Kubota genuine engine oil which has been formulated specifically for Kubota engines. Due to the fact that Kubota has some strict standards regarding oil quality and the additives inside. You can easily purchase Kubota genuine engine oil in dealerships all across Indonesia

The hydraulic fluid used in Kubota farm machineries not only used for hydraulic lift, but in combine harvesters, the hydraulic fluid also used in HST, brakes, and reaper arm operation. In order to prolong the lifetime and performance of the HST, we recommend using Kubota UDT3 that is specially formulated with the right additives for Kubota farm machinery hydraulics components. You can easily purchase Kubota genuine engine oil in dealerships all across Indonesia

Kubota coolant should not be mixed with other coolant or well water due to possibility of causing clumping inside. If you ran out of coolant while in the field, you should only make sure to top it off with either genuine Kubota coolant or distilled water instead.

Perform routine daily inspection such as checking engine oil levels, transmission and hydraulic fluid levels, and coolant fluid level. And then perform cleaning of outer air filter, radiator air filter, engine cover air filter, and cleaning the water over at water separator. Then apply grease on the roller and lubricate chain and cutting knives/reaper. Routine inspection before work is important to ensure that the unit is in prime condition before performing its tasks.

We do not recommend using other implement aside from what implement Kubota recommended for the tractor model. Due to the fact that each tractor model has different performance limit and physical dimension. Improper implement can cause breakage in the tractor, especially in hydraulics and PTO transmission.

The cause was improper operation, when using rotary operator often does not lift the rotary while performing turns or making a spin.

Normally due to lack of routine daily maintenance such as checking the fan belt, radiator fin, oil cooler fin, radiator cap, and coolant reservoir tank before starting work. You can prevent overheating by performing all the steps above.

If you perform harvest operation while raining, it can cause clogging in the concave section caused by the clumping together of wet rice grains.

We do not recommend stacking the harvested rice sacks on top of the combine harvester. It will greatly increase the combine harvester weight, which will then cause other parts such as crawler to fail early, and overly tax the engine and hydraulics and can cause breakages on said parts.

There are a lot of contributing factors. First before sowing there are a lot of thing to be mindful of such as soil selection, soil pH measurement, seedling selection, seedling maintenance, fertilizer selection, and proper operating techniques of said Kubota SPV transplanter.

There are no restrictions for you to fix your own machinery or to visit whichever workshop nearby. However we do recommend you to contact the nearest Kubota dealership mechanic instead. Kubota dealership mechanics/technicians has been trained especially for this, we recommend you to leave the repairs to them instead to find the root cause of said problem and to better prevent said issue to occur in the future.

You can contact Halo Kubota! call center at 0821-8686-8677 via SMS, WhatsApp or voice call. We will immediately follow you up on your issue.