PT Kubota Machinery Indonesia


K-PAD atau Kubota-PAD

As component manufacturer Kubota has deep understanding of spare parts utilized in Kubota agricultural machineries.

To support the ever evolving need of customers and to make it easier for Kubota customers to access the Kubota spare parts catalog everywhere and anywhere, Kubota invents K-PAD.

K-PAD or Kubota-PAD is a digital spare parts catalog and can be accessed by the customers via the Internet. Functionally identical to the parts catalog, but makes it easier to search and locate specific spare part, for mechanics and customers alike looking to purchase the required parts to perform the fix.

All of spare parts from current Kubota agricultural machinery in Indonesia can be easily found by accessing K-PAD. Accompanied by detailed illustration from each parts or Kubota product such as transmission, hydraulics, electrical, etc.

K-PAD are always updated regularly so the information contained within are always the latest, including updates when there are changes to parts SKU (interchangeable parts number).

Using K-PAD customers and mechanics and see information regarding compatibility since a spare part can be used and are applied in multiple models of Kubota machinery.

Kubota Genuine Parts

Kubota genuine parts are designed to the exacting specifications for each and every Kubota products with its hallmark high durability and high performance even under heavy workload. It doesn’t happen by chance, each and every part are subjected to stringent tests performed by Kubota before it gets to be distributed across the globe. Tests performed by Kubota shows that each genuine Kubota parts has higher lifetime, higher work efficiency, and are able to keep each Kubota product at its peak performance state.

KMI, as the official representative of Kubota Corporation in Indonesia, is committed to provide the latest and greatest of line-up of Kubota genuine parts. KMI also stocks more than 12000 items across two warehouses in Java and Sulawesi to reach all Kubota customers across Indonesia.

With dealership network that spans across the entirety of Indonesia, Kubota customers can easily aquire affordable and reliable Kubota genuine parts and service.

The dealership also strives to keep parts stocks to fulfill its customers needs such as service, engine overhaul, hydraulic and transmission troubleshooting, and many more.

We highly recommend our customers to insist on using only Kubota genuine parts to ensure reliability and all-terrain you expect out of Kubota farm machinery.


Frequently Asked Question/Pertanyaan yang Sering ditanyakan

Normally we kept fast moving parts well-in stock to better help keep your Kubota machinery in prime condition. But sometimes, like in harvest season, the sudden influx of spare parts demand might happen and overwhelm the warehouse. Kubota will always evaluate and fix our services to be better next time.

Even though you could doesn’t mean you should. We do not recommend using non-genuine parts on your Kubota farm machinery. Because it’s always better to wait for the genuine parts to be back in stock. And if something happens with your unit while it’s still covered in warranty, non-genuine spare parts might void your warranty in case of breakage.

Generally KMI maintains high availability of spare parts in all of its authorized dealerships spread across Indonesia. But in the case of unable to find a genuine parts due to being out-of-state, you’re free to use said non-genuine part to finish the job. As long as you immediately swaps it out with the genuine parts as soon as it becomes available.