One of the causes of current environmental issues is the large amount of carbon or greenhouse gas emissions, especially from large companies. The greenhouse effect has led to changes in the earth’s temperature, which has become higher, resulting in climate change in various parts of the world. There needs to be sustained efforts from the company to prevent this from happening. 

In the mission to achieve a sustainable society, carbon neutral should be achieved as one of the main goals. By being carbon neutral, a balance between carbon emitted and absorbed is achieved, resulting in no more carbon emissions. 

Last year, Kubota declared its 2050 environmental vision, which is how its business can work side by side to address social issues, including environmental issues. To achieve this, Kubota is committed to becoming carbon neutral, with energy savings in factories and all departments including research and development, procurement, logistics, and sales so as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“I am confident that in this initiative, the close synergy between technology and business in the food, water and environment sectors will drive great strides towards the future of the Kubota group,” said Yuichi Kitao, President and Representative Director of Kubota Corporation. As one of the tangible manifestation of this commitment, Kubota is evolving its agriculture in ways that are increasingly sophisticated, encouraging energy and resource savings and reducing deforestation and destruction of nature for the expansion of agricultural fields.

In addition, efforts are also being made with Kubota agricultural machinery technology, such as water management to control methane gas production in rice fields. This is expected to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in society as a whole. 

“Let’s start with what we can do from ourselves. Social problems can be solved if we take the initiative to start and rise to the challenge of realizing the new carbon-neutral future that society aspires to,” Yuichi Kitao concluded.