PT Kubota Machinery Indonesia

PT Kubota Machinery Indonesia


HRGA IT Manager

Job Description

  1. Manage and be responsible for all employees in the company.
  2. Organize and be responsible for recruiting employees and placing them in the required positions.
  3. Organize and be responsible for the employee payroll system.
  4. Organize and be responsible for IT-related matters.
  5. Develop, update and maintain HR database
  6. Prepare Employment Agreement Letter / Offer Letter for new candidates
  7. Manage and be responsible for the implementation of discipline, punishment and control of all employees.
  8. Responsible for managing all employee matters
  9. Manage and be responsible for the placement, promotion and transfer of employees
  10. Manage and be responsible for the control of documents related to HR issues.
  11. Responsible for organizing training for employees
  12. Responsible for making permits/reports to OHS, Department of Labor, BPJS, etc.
  13. Responsible for the evaluation of employees
  14. Responsible for processing work permits, NPWP registration, tax installments, NPWP revocation, apartment rental agreements, etc.
  15. Responsible for creating good communication with all employees
  16. Responsible for health insurance, car insurance, etc.
  1. Age: up to 45 years
  2. Education: Bachelor of Law/Psychology/Management
  3. Language: English
  4. Experience: 5 years’ experience as HR-GA Manager of a trading company/Japanese company
  5. Other requirements: Certified Human Resources Manager
  6. Employment status: permanent after 1 year (contract)
  7. Will be stationed in Jakarta

Career Path
Manager/Assistant Manager

Bachelor’s Degree, Post-Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s/Post-Bachelor’s Degree

Years of Experience
5 years

Job Type

Occupational Specialization
Admin/Human Resources, Human Resources

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