Antenna Farmer Situbondo, East Java's Agricultural Mechanization Education Hub

Kubota is not only selling modern agricultural equipment to Indonesian farmers, but also provides education on agricultural mechanization to all parties who play a role in agriculture. One of the ways to educate them is through the Antenna Farmer or Demonstration Plot program.

Antena Farmer’s activities include Plowing (Land Processing), Planting (Seedling & Rice Transplanting) and Harvesting with Kubota’s modern agricultural machinery. This activity has been carried out several times by Kubota together alongside its authorized dealers, at Banten, Tabanan, Lampung, Karawang and many more. Recently, Kubota held another Antenna Farmer in Situbondo, East Java.

Antenna Farmer in Situbondo was conducted in collaboration between Kubota and its authorized dealership in Banyuwangi and surrounding areas (CV Argo Jaya) on March 8 to 10, 2022. This activity was conducted in Talkandang Village, Situbondo, East Java. The land area used was arund 3000 square meters which then divided into 3 plots.

The selection of this area itself is because Talkandang Village still has minimal use of agricultural mechanization; they still plows using hand tractors and manual planting. Therefore, there is a need for agricultural mechanization education so that farm workers in the area can realize the potential to increase their productivity by using agricultural mechanization.

“I have been using harvester since 2014, but it’s very difficult to introduce agricultural mechanization in this area. Hopefully, with Kubota’s Antenna Farmer activities, farmers can better understand the benefits of agricultural mechanization,” said Erik, a landowner where Antenna Farmer in Talkandang Village, Situbondo took place.

This time, we introduce the SPV-6CMD planting machine, L4018 four-wheeled tractor with rotary implement, and DC-35 harvesting machine. The Antenna Farmer activity was officially opened by PT Kubota Machinery Indonesia and CV Argo Jaya – an authrorized dealership with demonstration of the use of L4018 and SPV-6CMD.

During the opening ceremony, spectators were also able to try out the L4018 four-wheel tractor and SPV-6CMD planting machine for themselves. In fact, those who came by also had the opportunity to get a direct discount of up to IDR 10 million for the purchase of the agricultural machineries during the event.

The Antenna Farmer event in Situbondo will last until June 2022, during the harvest season. It is hoped that the surrounding populace and the farmers can see first-hand how agricultural mechanization can help agricultural productivity and improve the welfare of Indonesian farmers.